Litigation Public Relations (PR)

Public relations management in times of litigation

Today, legal proceedings play an increasingly important role in the media space. With the rise of social networks, companies and public figures often find themselves on trial in two courts: the court of justice and the court of public opinion.   

In an era of global communication and complete interdependence of all stakeholders in a company: employees, consumers, shareholders, managers, public authorities, managing contemporary crises requires a total and transversal mastery of all legal issues. 

As an expert in judicial communication, We Law Care advises and assists you in managing your image and reputation in all litigation cases involving the media. 

Our experts design, in accordance with your lawyer's strategy, an adapted media strategy in order to deal with the impact of public opinion on your reputation, your image (call for boycott, aggressive campaign on social networks, intimidation, loss of turnover) but also of ongoing proceedings.

Business case

Litigation Public Relations (PR)

Supporting a leading Parisian law firm that has been accused and sued for unfair dismissals.

Making an employer’s voice heard when his/her reputation was at stake in the public eye due to multiple dismissals which were deemed abusive.

Prior to the judgment, we liaised with the firm and its client and prepared a public relations strategy aimed at the national, business, financial, legal and HR press to inform them of the implications of the ruling. We also worked on the firm’s notoriety on various social networks in order to monitor its image. Together, we worked on speech elements and mediatrained the CEO, who had to respond to a dozen journalists regarding the ruling. We then identified new communication channels and accompanied the CEO in all his/her relations with the press during the following six months.

Our work ensured coverage in several leading national and international publications for the CEO, who was able to explain his/her version of the facts. Communication via the press was very consistent and strong. Any potentially negative effect on the CEO’s image was therefore avoided thanks to the support of our professionals specialised in judicial and crisis communication.

Trials are won before the courts; reputation is earned before the court of public opinion