Crisis management and communication

The legal industry in an era
of crisis and global communication

“Crises” and their associated risks have gained in complexity in recent years.

In an era dominated by omnichannel communication, where crises are governed by a company’s complete interdependence between its stakeholders, its reputation and its legal responsibilities, crisis management must today expand its spectrum of interventions in order to respond to situations that are increasingly complex in societal terms and more technical in legal terms.

To effectively protect a company’s image capital against these new threats, We Law Care combines expertise in strategic crisis management, judicial communication, reputation and influence, with a keen understanding of the legal and judicial system and guidance tailored to legal professionals.

We Law Care brings together crisis managers, communicators, lawyers, experts in cyber security and e-reputation in order to offer a global and interdisciplinary support service

We Law Care offers a new model, a new structure, in order to act and provide solutions adapted to the legal industry and to companies facing new challenges, ever more complex and crucial.

We Law Care focuses in particular on helping legal actors prepare for crises and managing high-profile or complex legal cases.

Very reactive, business
minded, unquestionable expertise,
available, open and most of all
listens before proposing solutions
which are to the point and very
Dr Ivana Zovko about EH&A Consulting General Counsel & Ethics Officer-Europe North,
South and East at ENGIE
Recommandé par notre avocat
lors dans le cadre d’un dossier judiciaire à fort enjeu médiatique, Damien Albessard nous a accompagné avec succès sur notre stratégie de communication et d’image publique. L’opération a été couronnée de succès avec plus de 600 000 soutiens reçus
Lucien Cavelier Vice-président - Collectif C-19
Gwenaelle HENRI est d'abord une grande communicante qui jouit d'une expertise sans égale du monde juridique. Elle connaît parfaitement les métiers du droit et nous a toujours accompagné avec bienveillance et réussite dans nos problématiques souvent complexes
Anne-Laure Paulet Secrétaire générale - Association Française des Juristes d'Entreprise
Outre sa connaissance fine de l’écosystème juridique, Gwenaëlle HENRI sait faire preuve simultanément de hauteur de vue et d'efficacité opérationnelle. La coopération est facile avec elle et ses conseils sont toujours précieux
Frank Gentin Président - Paris Place de Droit

Consulting firms EH&A and Eliott & Markus launch We Law Care: a crisis management and communication solution entirely dedicated to the legal sector.


A global and comprehensive service offer built within the legal sector, providing a vision beyond the boundaries of corporate crisis management: high-profile, social and legal cases.


We act directly on the most fundamental element of contemporary crises: image and reputation as a necessity to maintain the activity of companies, image to win legal cases, image of the actors confronted with media cases or internal crises



Legal and judicial

Strategic crisis

Communication Image Marque Expertise juridique et judiciaire Gestion de crise stratégique


The first hours of a crisis are vital. This is why We Law Care offers tou :

- An on-call duty available 14 hours a day, 7 day a week on a single telephone number.
- An internal We Law Care Team that can mobilized at all times.
- Immediate triggering of our processes and monitoring of media and social networks.