Crisis plan structuring and establishment

Lawyers and companies

Preparing for a crisis situation allows you to acquire the right reflexes and good practices in order to face it when it actually occurs.

Structuring and defining your crisis plan are essential steps.

It is important to raise the right questions: How should the alert be raised? When should a crisis unit be established? Who should be involved? What is the modus operandi? 

We Law Care helps you identify the crisis within your company; together, we create the alert, notification and escalation procedures as well as the decision making schemes. 

Our experts construct the crisis plan in line with the objectives and challenges specific to the legal sector. We define the framework of the crisis plan, its functioning and we determine the role of the unit members. 

We Law Care also defines the specific perimeters of your company, in order to distinguish operational crisis management from strategic crisis management, either at country or corporate level.

Business case

Structuring and creating a crisis plan

We organised the drafting of the crisis plan for an Operator of Vital Importance (OIV).

OIVs have legal obligations in terms of staff training, risk prevention and mitigation, which must be taken into account.

We suggested and set up a 3-year upgrade programme including drafting of the crisis plan, assistance in drafting the specific protection plan, training of the unit members in crisis management, media training for spokespersons, and annual simulation exercises.

During the course of our assistance, this OIV had to deal with various crises, in particular the Covid-19. Through the restructuring of these crisis management processes and the prior training of unit members, the impact of crises was reduced and their consequences on the organisation greatly diminished. 

The regulatory framework for OIVs implies a precise knowledge of the legal constraints relating to their environment