Managing complex crises involving a strong legal dimension

Social and environmental crises, compliance and fraud ...

If a crisis with a strong legal dimension occurs, our We Law Care experts are mobilised 24 hours a day by your side to: establish a crisis unit, define the role of each unit member, set-up a crisis configuration, evaluate the impacts, the stakes and help you define a response strategy and its tactical aspects.

We therefore assist you during the implementation and deployment of the action plan, project management, listing and monitoring of all the actions to be implemented, re-evaluation of the strategy according to the evolution of the situation as well as team training and coaching. 

We have been assisting companies for more than 10 years in managing their urgent crisis, from a fire at a SEVESO site to an international social plan, as well as ransomware attacks of large companies and challenges by the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the FCPA (Foreign Corrupt Practices Act).

Business case

Managing complex crises involving a strong legal dimension:

During a major Employment Protection Plan (PSE- Plan de sauvegarde de l’emploi) in terms of volume with a strong political consonance, on a national scale, we assisted a foreign industrial company in the preparation of all the risks inherent to this project.

Employment Protection Plans are complex procedures within a precise regulatory and legal framework that must be taken into account in an action plan.

Following stakeholder mapping, risk analysis and the drafting of adverse development scenarios, we assisted the company in defining its action plan. It aimed at ensuring communication to each of the stakeholders concerned by the Employment Protection Plan announcement (banks, customers, service providers, managers, employee representative bodies, the Direccte (French regional department of enterprise, competition, consumer affairs, labour and employment), administrative offices, etc.). To ensure that the communication was delivered efficiently and smoothly, we trained the company’s spokespersons. Following the announcement, we monitored the press and social network coverage and acted as press office to handle journalists’ requests.

Thanks to the accuracy of this preparation and the efficiency of the execution of the plan, the Employment Protection Plan negotiations were carried out smoothly. Media coverage of the situation was also minimal and hardly critical of the project, essentially resuming the argumentation and storytelling justifying it.

Failing the announcement of an Employment Protection Plan puts the project at risk, it is an extremely critical moment. The announcement is the tipping point for the entire projec