Reputation, brand and image

Protecting and repairing one's reputation before and after litigation

Today, a company's image is its most important asset and must be preserved in the event of litigation or legal proceedings.

We Law Care advises you on your image and reputation strategy before, during and after legal proceedings.

Our experts help prepare and protect you by developing the right image and speech strategy. We look for the right influential intermediaries and coach you for your public and media statements. 

Business case

Reputation, brand and image

We were called upon to protect and repair a firm's image in connection with several incriminating articles and a media image that could damage its reputation.

Changing the image of a firm specialised in compliance and anti-corruption vis-à-vis the media.

The strategy we implemented was orchestrated as follows:

Image audit: Meeting with the Managing Partner and the partners concerned by this image crisis. Press review and analysis of the negative repercussions.

Mediatraining – Storytelling workshop: Active mediatraining to create the right speech elements, pedagogy and a strong and positive storytelling.

Identity Corpus: At the end of the mediatraining-storytelling workshop, elaboration of a Corpus including speech elements, storytelling and different Q&As. Corpus intended for the entire firm.

Organising several press meetings.

The firm’s various partners succeeded in reversing its image by using the speech elements developed during the workshop in various interviews. Thanks to the Corpus, all members of the firm now speak with a single voice. The firm therefore benefits from a positive image.

From a negative image to a positive image ... with the media