Crisis training for legal actors

Lawyers and legal departments

Today, speaking to the press is almost inevitable when a judicial crisis is covered by the media. 

Accordingly, We Law Care specialises in media management training for legal actors. This training has been designed for lawyers, who are regularly called upon to speak to the media about ongoing cases. It is also dedicated to legal directors working in companies facing a legal crisis, who are therefore designated as spokespersons before the press. 

We Law Care also specialises in crisis management training for lawyers who may sometimes find it difficult to define their position and role within their client's crisis unit. We train them to provide such support. 

Our consultants are above all crisis managers, and share their field experience during these trainings. With more than 10 years of expertise in media management and crisis training, we believe in learning by doing, with a real-life situation in the presence of journalists and a face-to-face camera session.

Business case

Crisis training for legal actors

Within the framework of a criminal case that was covered by the media, we were asked by a firm to train its lawyers involved in press and media relations.

Balancing the codification of legal speech with the need for clarity when communicating with the media.

With lawyers having no experience in press relations but trained to speak in court, we organised a day of media training adapted to their field. We identified their strengths and weaknesses, tested their abilities in front of a camera and a journalist, and were able, together, to establish areas for improvement which needed to be addressed. We also collaborated on writing their messages and storytelling. Our media training also included a strong explanatory dimension on the media world, journalists and the most appropriate way to interact with them. 

This day allowed the firm’s lawyers to be fully prepared for the press solicitations related to their case. By understanding what the media world is all about, and by being able to practice speaking and writing statements in a “safe” environment, they were able to ease the burden of stress and focus on their storytelling without compromising their case. 

Speaking in court is part of a lawyer's job. Speaking to the press however is quite unnatural, mistrust and fear of consequences make the need for training indispensable